South Coast four-piece Melt Dunes are teaming up with exquisite noise peddlers Strong Island Recordings for a totally incessant new single. We’re delighted to be hosting the exclusive premiere for ‘Flesh’ below.

‘Flesh’ is a six-minute assault of otherworldly proportions. Opening on a wash of screeching feedback and droning, discordant synths, the track mercilessly twists and contorts around pummelling motorik rhythms, tortured vocals, wailing psychedelic guitars and rumbling, fuzzed out bass. Do yourself a favour and turn this up LOUD, I promise it’ll be worth every ring of the looming tinnitus. 
Truly menacing and hauntingly evil in its relentless delivery, Melt Dunes’ latest offering falls somewhere between The Stooges circa ’69 and NY proto-punks Suicide, chewed up and spat out through the repetitive krautrock slant of Neu!/CAN. Although blatantly influenced by the dark, experimental corners of music’s underground tapestry the band still manage to sound completely innovative; arriving just in time too.
With the current wave of neo-psych b(r)ands becoming an over-saturated pool of leather-clad white boys trying to sound like a watered-down Tame Impala or Ty Segall, Melt Dunes stand out majestically amongst the crowd and rightly so too. This band could very well be UK psych’s saving grace and are unquestionably going to turn the heads of fuzz-fiends across the globe.
Melt Dunes was formed in 2015 and is comprised of Jamie Easton (vox/guitar), James Todd (bass), Chris Williamson (guitar), Alex Brown (drums) and Polly Ellen Mary (synth). ‘Flesh’ will be officially released February 17th on Strong Island Recordings. - GIGWISE